Water Remediation

Providing solutions for aquaculture and aquaponics; water clarity in lakes and ponds; and potable water from virtually any source.

  • Water used for the growing of aquatic animals, such as in Aquaculture and Aquaponics, is subject to two main forms of pollution:
  1. Low oxygen levels (high BOD / COD)
  2. High levels of nitrates and other nitrogen based molecules

These two areas can lead to:

  1. Poor health for the aquatic animals
  2. Poor growth rates
  3. Animal mortality for some animals
  4. Catastrophic mortality, where all the animals in a tank die in some events
  • Clarifying the water in lakes and ponds is as much about aesthetics as it is to do with health. However, clear water is free from algae, allows good sunlight and UV penetration and provides a good habitat for plants and animals.
  • Potable water is one of the world’s most essential commodities. Without it we see disease, malnutrition and significant mortality, especially among children. BPR offers containerised, transportable potable water solutions for the treatment of ground water, sea water and that extracted from natural rivers, streams and other waterways.

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Wastewater Remediation

Aquaculture overview

Improving the Clarity of Lakes and Ponds

Ultra Filtration Treatment Plant for Potable Water

Solutek for Restaurant / Institutional / Commercial Food Preperation Areas