Waste-to-Energy (WTE) is rapidly becoming a must for many countries and their communities. Not only does it utilise what would otherwise become a liability, but it provides much-needed energy in the form of heat, gas, and electricity.

WasteMaster is a patented downdraft gasifier that produces a fine granular dry char. This char is ideal for use in agriculture as BioChar or is available for sale to the many various users of such a product.

RAPAD is containerized anaerobic biodigester using high-rate anaerobic filtration technology to produce digestate and biogas. Biogas, containing up to 90% methane, can be used to generate heat and power.

 The syngas produced may be used to generate electricity. The heat produced powers boilers that in turn generate power or may be used to heat greenhouses or heat kiln-drying apparatus. WasteMaster is ideally suited to small industrial applications as well as for use in villages of between 20 and 2500 people to generate power and provide BioChar for enhanced food production.

Fertilizer production in agriculture is another major market. The world market could well be in the tens of thousands of units as waste-to-energy becomes a world-wide imperative.

Grease and Septicity

The Port Douglas (Douglas Shire) area was amalgamated into Cairns Water and the maintenance and operation of the network and Sewage Treatment Plant became, Before Solutek Organic Concentrate was introduced to the effluent treatment process, residual Chemical Oxygen Demand/Biochemical Oxygen Demand.