Standing Water Remediation

Shibuya Ward
Tokyo, Japan

Soleco was invited to undertake remediate action on a Council owned pond in Shibuya Ward of Tokyo, Japan.

The pond of approximately 1 million litres is fed by a basin that has run off from concreted areas and has a high level of phosphate due to dog faeces. The pond has high aesthetic value and is the home to numerous fish and turtles.

Unfortunately, due to the poor quality water inflows, the pond had high levels of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). The typical COD before the SolEco Organic Concentrate treatment was 20 to 25 COD.

Due to the low amount of Dissolved Oxygen in the water, turtles and fish could be seen coming to the water surface regularly to get oxygen from the atmosphere.

Soleco worked closely with the Shibuya Council to dose the pond with 250 litres of SolEco Organic.



Two days after the dosing of the pond the COD levels were tested again. The COD levels were 7-8 COD. In other words the SolEco Organic Concentrate achieved a 65 to 70% reduction in COD (or a 65 to 70% increase in Dissolved Oxygen) in the pond.

Some of the information has been condensed in this article in order to provide an overview of the issues and the solution to the problems being addressed.


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Grease and Septicity

The Port Douglas (Douglas Shire) area was amalgamated into Cairns Water and the maintenance and operation of the network and Sewage Treatment Plant became, Before Solutek Organic Concentrate was introduced to the effluent treatment process, residual Chemical Oxygen Demand/Biochemical Oxygen Demand.