Message from the Chairman

The goal of BioPhysics Research is to provide technologies and integrated solutions that will enable households, small communities, towns and cities to take advantage of environmentally positive ways of improving their lives. By providing holistic solutions we can utilise municipal waste to generate power; agricultural waste to produce gas and electricity; offer natural organic solutions to clean wastewater and improve our land to increase crop yields and soil quality.

“Whole System Transofrmation” enables us to combine many of our technologies such that waste creates power; the power is used by the community to extract drinking water; the by-product of exploiting agricultural waste provides soil improvement; and the improved crop yields puts more food on the table and increases community wealth. At the same time landfill is eliminated, valuable metals and minerals are recovered from waste, and the health of every person in the community improves.

We must all work at this, but it is worth it. In fact, it is absolutely essential if we are to leave our children and grandchildren a world worth living in.

Our title says it all – “Solutions Ecologique” – we provide solutions that are environmentally friendly in multiple ways. Our products are designed to improve the lives of society all over the world. From the difficult conditions of refugee camps to the most pleasant of places where people live, our products and systems provide a better living standard for all.

Please join us in taking care of our environment.

E. Hugh Pettman

Chairman and CEO

Biophysics Research Board

Grease and Septicity

The Port Douglas (Douglas Shire) area was amalgamated into Cairns Water and the maintenance and operation of the network and Sewage Treatment Plant became, Before Solutek Organic Concentrate was introduced to the effluent treatment process, residual Chemical Oxygen Demand/Biochemical Oxygen Demand.