Hugh Pettman
Chairman and CEO

Hugh has vast cross-industry experience in the fields of computer software operations development, aviation, petroleum, tourism development, low-cost housing, transportation and logistics, munitions and arms, and security in over 28 countries. A number of his special assignments were conducted on behalf of or in conjunction with governments and defense departments including the People’s Republic of China, Australia, Turkey, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, Belize, and the United States.

Hugh developed new and unique transport and logistics software application packages for Intime Systems and BHM Limited with over 340 systems operating worldwide. Other systems developed by Hugh include applications in computer-managed security operations, alternative energy plants, military logistics, and international banking strategic planning. Various governments and the United Nations have since adopted a significant part of his early pioneering operations research, and UNCTAD has used Hugh’s foundational premises on e-commerce audit trailing as a basis for international regulations.

Mr. Pettman has a lifelong dedication to global education and is a recognized authority on cyber delivery of education and medical and trade services. This has been instrumental in the development of his brainchild and early work, the global Education, Trade, and Telecommunications Centres now known as Regional Development Centres or LIFE CENTRE. Mr. Pettman enjoys fishing, motor racing, music, and cooking.