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Solid (semi-solid) Waste was also generated as a by-product of the effluent treatment process which had to be isolated for off-site disposal, further increasing the costs to the company.Before Solutek Organic Concentrate was introduced to the effluent treatment process, residual Chemical Oxygen Demand/Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen and Suspended Solids were major concerns, extrapolating to a cost to the company.

The amount of residual Oils, Fats and Grease discharged to the sewage conveyance network behaved as an accumulating organic load (Oil and Grease raft accumulating in the aqueous phase within pump stations) leading to septicity, odour and corrosion issues within the pump wells and the network in general.

The effluent pit contained a heavy accumulation of fat and grease, negating the use of the submersible mixer used to maintain homogeneity in the pit.




Solutek Organic Concentrate was used to treat the Plant’s effluent. Within six weeks the oil, fat and grease layer in the effluent pit had been digested, allowing the use of the submersible mixer.

The balance tanks used to store the influent prior to treatment had also contained a substantial crust layer, which was minimised to a negligible layer, ensuring aerobic conditions within the plant.

After six weeks use, Bulla Dairy Foods decided to reduce the use of a coagulant in the waste water treatment process with no ill-effects; the coagulant dosing system has since been abandoned, saving the client a considerable expense.


Details and Outcomes


Total Flow Rate: 350,000 L/day
Dosing Points No.: 1 (Main influent pit)
Solutek Dose Rate: 25 mg/L (Waste water)
Total Solutek Dose: 8.75 L/day


Elimination of dense floating organic rafts within the treatment plant tankage

Substantial (85%) reduction in Oil and Grease
Reduction (78%) in Biochemical Oxygen Demand
Substantial (306%) Reduction (56%) in Chemical Oxygen Demand
Reduction in Odour within the plant
Reduction (85%) in Total Suspended Solids
Reduction (and then elimination) in coagulant used at the plant
Reduction (19%) in Phosphorus
Aerobic and Homogeneous effluent presented to the treatment plant.

Some of the information has been condensed in this article in order to provide an overview of the issues and the solution to the problems being addressed.


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Grease and Septicity

The Port Douglas (Douglas Shire) area was amalgamated into Cairns Water and the maintenance and operation of the network and Sewage Treatment Plant became, Before Solutek Organic Concentrate was introduced to the effluent treatment process, residual Chemical Oxygen Demand/Biochemical Oxygen Demand.